I think I am a bad girl, I do not deserve to get other people’s love, there are always people with shit to say you love me, I was enough, the false love let me feel very sick.

  Now the people why so false, how can casually say love, love is really so ordinary, I think love should be very beautiful. But in other people’s mouth, ah, love is very simple, it is meaningless?


   We are very tired, because of the language barrier, your Chinese is not good, my English is not good, we should continue to go on, maybe I do not understand foreigners, but do not understand you.
  I love you but I don’t know what you think. I am afraid you don’t understand me. I am afraid that one day you will not find me.

Chinese New Year

  Does anyone know how China has had the Spring Festival?
  Today, people in the preparation of the Spring Festival, buy it like this. Very taste of the festival.
  But, in my opinion, there is no taste of Chinese new year, because I am at work. Others asked me why not a holiday, and then about a friend to go out to play. But I think that is not interesting, may be the reason for growing up, and gradually did not want to play the heart.
  New year’s new beginning, so, I hope everyone happy, everyone can put aside the past, can have a new beginning.
    My name is Ding Qian



I hope that my world has you in